The USA is a federal republic, consisting of 50 states; each of them has its own government. The President, elected for 4 years is the head of the state and of the Government and he chooses the ministers. The Congress consists of 2 Houses: The House of Representatives and the Senate.

There are 435 members in the House of Representatives and they are re - elected for a period of 6 years but every 2 years 1/3 of them may be changed or re - elected. Elections always take place in November on the first Tuesday after the first Monday/ there are 2 main Political parties in the USA: the Democratic and the Republican.

On the 5 November 1996 Bill Clinton was re - elected. He is the President of the USA for the second term. He is the 42 President of the country. He was born in a small town of little Rock in the state Arkansas on the 19th of August 1946. His father died because of the car accident. When Bill was 4 his mother got married again. Bill got his education first in the State School, then in Georgetown University and then in Oxford University. He also studied in the Yells School of Law. He has the Diploma of a lawyer and the degree in the sphere of the international affairs. During his studies he worked as a builder, a teacher, a laboratory assistant. He began his political career in 1974; he was the procurator - general of the State and the State Governor of Arkansas. Later he became the President.

The President of the USA has a family: a wife and a daughter. His wifeТs name is Hillary; she is a prominent lawyer too. The future Husband and wife met at the University Library being students. Their daughter Chelsea studies at school. The family has a pet: a beautiful black cat with white УsocksФ and its name Socks.