The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The official name for the country (whose language we study) is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In everyday speech the world Britain is possible. Some people say СGreat BritainТ or СBritainТ or Сthe United KingdomТ or just Сthe UKТ and СGBТ.

The UK is situated on the British Isles to the north-west of Europe (The British Isles include Great Britain and Ireland.).

The UK is washed by Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea in the north and by the North Sea in the east. The English Channel separates the UK from the continent. The Channel Tunnel links France and England today.

The United Kingdom consists of 4 parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England, Scotland and Wales are three main parts of Great Britain.

London is twice capital: it is the capital of the UK and the capital of England. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, Cardiff is the capital of Wales and Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland.

The surface of Great Britain is flat. There are mountains but they are not very high. The highest mountain in Scotland is Ben Nevis. Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales.

There are many rivers but they arenТt very long. The longest and the most important of them are the Severn and the Thames.

There are no great forests but there are many beautiful lakes in Scotland and north-west England. The most famous of them is Loch Ness.

The climate is very mild because of the Gulf Stream. Winter isnТt very cold and summer isnТt very hot. The rivers donТt freeze in winter and snow doesnТt lie for long on the ground. It rains very often in all parts of Great Britain and in all seasons. There are often fogs. The Englishmen like to joke about the weather. They often say:

There is no bad weather-

There is bad clothes.


1.     They say УGreat BritainФ isnТt the only name of the country, whose name we study. Is it true?

2.     What do the British Isles include?

3.     Where is the UK situated?

4.     Is it washed by the Atlantic Ocean?

5.     What separates the UK from the continent?

6.     What links France and England?

7.     How many parts are there in the UK?

8.     What are the three main parts of Great Britain?

9.     Is London the only capital for all 4 parts of the UK?

10. What is the surface of Great Britain?

11. What can you say about the mountains? Are there high mountains?

12. Are there many large rivers?

13. Are there great forests?

14. What can you say about the climate?

Agree or disagree.

1.     The country whose language we study has 7 names.

2.     The country is situated on the island of Great Britain.

3.     It is washed by the Pacific Ocean in the east and by the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

4.     London is twice the capital.

5.     Glasgow is the capital of Scotland.

6.     The surface of GB is mountainous.

7.     There are many large rivers in the UK.

8.     There are many beautiful lakes in Scotland and north-west England.

9.     The climate is very cold in GB.

10. The Englishmen donТt like to joke about the weather.