About healthy way of living…


Health is very important for all people. Young people don’t speak much about it, they discuss other things. Young people are usually healthy and take it as a norm, but when somebody falls ill everybody wants him to become well again. Grown ups understand that health is our wealth, when you are ill you don’t need anything, life becomes dull and boring. That’s why at schools there are training lessons where school children are taught to run, jump, swim goes skiing and so on. Parents often want their children to attend different sports clubs, go skiing in winter, and swim in summer.

But still young people fall ill sometimes, and it happens because they don’t care about their health, they forget about some rules. First of all we should eat healthy food, spend much time in the open air to keep our hands and room clean. The rules, which help us to take care of our health, are very simple, they are to wash hands before meals, to sleep not less than 8 hours a day, to wear suitable dress (warm in winter), to keep the room clean and fresh and so on.

We study at the lyceum and we don’t have much free time, but still  we try to be healthy because we want to be healthy. I don’t forget about these rules, go for a walk and try to organize my day and rest well. I do my best.